Pool Plant Operators Certificate - Glasgow


This three-day course is the essential technical qualification for staff involved in day-to-day pool plant operation, or those responsible for plant management. The operation of swimming pool plant is the backbone of training for all those employed in leisure facilities that incorporate swimming pools. The course covers the operational and maintenance aspects of managing a swimming pool, but it includes design factors; legal responsibilities; document production and best practice advice to users. Its content is regularly updated to include to the latest advice from PWTAG.


Course Aim

By the end of the course successful candidates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the design and operation of their own pool plant including the circulation, filtration, disinfection, pH correction and heating of pool water. They will know how to maintain water that is in ‘balance' and which is safe and pleasant to swim in. Candidates will be able to use correct techniques to test pool water and understand the remedial action required to restore ideal conditions, the technical requirements for ensuring safe and efficient operation of pool plant and the use of good management and cost effective technologies to save energy.

Course Content

•    Swimming pool hygiene
•    Water supplies and treatment
•    Pollution and infection
•    Circulation and filtration
•    Health and safety
•    Chlorine chemistry
•    Disinfection
•    pH, alkalinity and balanced water
•    Water testing and diagnosis
•    Chemical dosing and control
•    Heating, ventilation and energy management


Awarding Bodies

•    PALM - Swimming Pool Technical Operators Certificate
•    CIMSPA - National Pool Plant Operators Certificate


Course Location

•    On or off site


Course Duration

•    3 Days

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